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The How and Where of Searching for a Retirement Home

Most people who reach retirement age or are about to either downsize their homes by moving into a smaller place, or they search for a perfect smaller home in a retirement village, one that meets their requirements.


A Retirement Village Is a Community

When you’re moving into a retirement village, you’re moving into a community that consists of retirees and people at or over a certain age – usually from about 55 years upwards. However, many people prefer to continue working past retirement age if they’re fit and healthy and have the opportunity to do it. However, in the past, too many retired people isolated themselves once they stopped working. Isolation is a no-no for anyone of any age, but even more so for older people who are no longer employed and exposed to the regular company of other human beings.


We are Social Beings

By our very nature, humans are social creatures. Even if you’re a so-called loner who doesn’t need constant company, and love to be left to your own devices, you nevertheless need some social interaction. Isolation may lead to loneliness, feelings of being useless or invisible, and depression – all unhealthy for the mind and body.

Finding a retirement home in a retirement village community of which you’re a part is the perfect way to beat the retirement blues. The advantages and joys of living in a retirement village are numerous. We should emphasise that the retirement community still typically allows you to live in your own home with a private space and does not oblige to socialise at all times, giving you the option to do so and make friends with your peers, as and when you please.


Begin and End Your Search

For most home searchers today, the internet is the most cost-effective and quickest way to begin a search for a retirement home in a retirement village, while local newspapers and media may also point you in the right direction. On the other hand, if you live in the greater Gauteng area and wish to remain there, your ideal retirement village may well be Featherwood Retirement Estate, located in the Jacaranda City’s suburb of Pretoriuspark in Pretoria East.

There are 86 apartments and 84 assisted-living homes and residences for sale or rent in the final phase of the Featherwood Retirement Estate, which offers essential elements and optional niceties of retirement living in a friendly, well-run and sought-after village atmosphere – an ideal home for retirees.