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Retirement Planning Should Include Access to Assisted Living Facilities

Throughout your life, you plan and make provision for the future, deliberately or unwittingly, from the day that you are born. As a physical being, you develop, grow, accumulate, and absorb ever increasing amounts of knowledge and master skills that enable you to survive and live.

This is part of the natural progression of life and living, one for which most people are unwittingly prepared, but many never give a thought to their senior years, which may include the need for assisted living care and facilities. It is something for which some fail to plan.


Planning for Living Throughout Life

Because humans are sophisticated, social beings, we have commensurate lifestyles and expectations. We go to school, and obtain tertiary qualifications or additional training to equip ourselves to earn a living. We may marry and have children in order to enrich our lives and secure our own bloodline.

As we acquire more possessions to make our living conditions more comfortable, we take out short-term insurance policies to protect our accumulated property, because unplanned events that damage, destroy, or create loss of assets may occur.


Insuring to Ensure

We insure our lives via a life insurance policy, so that large debts, such as car loans and mortgage bonds are settled if we pass away or become permanently disabled. This is a plan to prevent our families from suffering financial loss if something unforeseen was to happen to us.

It has also become essential for South Africans to belong to a medical aid scheme, because state medical facilities are over-burdened, and may be unable to provide all citizens with adequate medical care when they most need it. You are, in effect, planning to ensure that you receive essential medical care, just in case, even though you hope you will never need it.


Planning for a New Chapter

In much the same way, we plan for retirement, which is a completely new chapter of life and living. Today, more than ever, it is vital to plan for retirement as a whole, and also for the most important aspects of living as a retiree. Increasing numbers of people, who are approaching retirement age, are opting for housing and accommodation in retirement estates, where they are surrounded by a community consisting of others of similar ages and stages of life.


Assisted Living Facilities

Nonetheless, forward planning should not end here. There are numerous factors to take into account when selecting a home in a retirement estate, especially the provision of assisted living facilities.

Assisted living facilities are designed to enable people to retain as much of their independent daily living arrangements as they are able to cope with comfortably, by providing them with assistance and support as, when, and where a helping hand is required. Assisted living facilities are put in place in order to provide the necessary assistance most effectively and efficiently.

At Featherwood Retirement Estate, in the lovely Pretoria East area, the fifth and final phase of our beautifully landscaped, safe, and secure retirement complex still has 2/3 bedroomed apartments for sale, as well as a total of 84, beautifully appointed, state-of-the-art assisted living units, available on a sale/rental basis. (Our first four phases proved to be exceptionally popular and have sold out).


Included in Assisted Living Unit Purchasers’ Monthly Levy

  • Three healthy and tasty, freshly prepared daily meals
  • Weekly cleaning/housekeeping service
  • 5kg of laundry per week
  • Basic care levy
  • Body Corporate levy
  • Rates and taxes

There are a host of additional assisted living facilities and frail care services on offer at Featherwood Retirement Estate, ensuring that you have peace of mind at all times, knowing that you have planned well and effectively for all factors that may influence your happy, tranquil retirement and quality of life, in any possible circumstance.