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Frail Care Options

No one intends to become frail and dependent, but then again, no one knows what may lie ahead of them. Throughout life, future events are unknown and unpredictable. Much as we humans like to exercise control when and wherever possible, there are aspects of life which are beyond our control. However, there is great comfort and peace of mind in knowing that there are options to manage one’s frail care, if frailty and the need for such care does indeed become a reality of life.

As diverse and individual as modern society may be, there are some concerns about the future that most older people and senior citizens share, which is becoming frail, weak, and dependent on loved ones for basic necessities and personal care.

No matter how close one’s family bonds may be, people fear becoming a real or perceived burden on their nearest and dearest. Depending on the level of frailty, 24/7 frail care may become essential. Daily care by a family member is not always possible, especially if nursing services are included.


Frail or Medical Care

Frailty sets in when one becomes too weak, impaired, and incapacitated to manage basic aspects of daily living, such as moving about unassisted, attending to one’s personal hygiene, or eating unaided. This debilitating state may be only physical, or may also involve cognitive conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and senile dementia.

Irrespective of the type or cause of frailty, a frail person, who requires constant care because they cannot look after themselves, still deserves to be treated with understanding, respect, and dignity. This is exactly the type of care we provide at our Featherwood Retirement Estate’s world-class frail care centre.

Medical aid schemes typically pay for their members’ medical care, but this only applies to care which is purely medical in nature – in or out of a frail care centre. Daily care that falls outside the medical realm is usually not covered by medical schemes.

Pretoria East Hospital is located near Featherwood Retirement Estate, so it is ideally situated for our residents’ more complex medical needs, whilst our frail care facility provides 24-hour nursing care. Your frail care package will be designed and customised to suit your individual needs, which may include some or all of these services:

  • Medical scheme liaison
  • Ambulance service
  • Travelling doctor
  • Wound and palliative care
  • Wellness screening
  • Nutritional evaluation to ensure that meals and snacks conform accordingly
  • Better balance and better memory programmes
  • Assessment to determine risk of falling
  • Management of chronic disease and other medication

Before we admit anyone to frail care, each person is thoroughly assessed to establish their individual care needs. While no one chooses frailty, it is comforting to know that the retirement estate you choose is one that provides a professional, competent, and caring environment that treats its residents with dignity, warmth, and respect.