Safety & Security? GOOD!

Excellent facilities and beautiful homes count for nothing, if you don’t feel safe. That’s why Featherwood Retirement Estate is so committed to your safety and security.

ON THE JOB 24/7 Entry to the estate is barred, by a permanently-manned gatehouse, for anyone but residents and approved guests. Added security officers patrol the estate 24/7 ensuring your safety. They are never further away than a push of the panic button in every Featherwood home.

SPEED DIAL As further back-up, residents will have Security’s emergency phone number on speed dial. Plus, critical resident-specific info will be at Security’s fingertips in the event of an emergency.

HEAVY-GAUGE STEEL Featherwood is also protected by 24-hour manned security, (with armed response available at all times), an electrified, heavy-gauge steel perimeter fence and CCTV cameras monitored by the gatehouse.

For residents of Featherwood, true peace of mind is no dream – it’s a happy reality.