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People are living longer. The population of elderly people is growing in First World countries that offer a good standard of living. In South Africa, it’s no different. The huge numbers of post-war baby boomers of the ’40s and ‘50s are now of retirement age, but this country’s provision for retirees’ housing and care is, of course, inadequate.

South African state coffers do not extend to the provision of sufficient retirement facilities for all its citizens that are of retirement age, meaning that retirees are left to their own devices to find retirement homes. Some may choose to move in with their children, but for many, this is not an option or is not ideal. Others begin to scan property pages in search of retirement homes for sale or rent – a far more attractive option for those who prefer to retain a greater degree of independence.


A Look at Living Longer, to Retirement Age

Living standards and lifestyle have a major influence on the expected lifetime of human beings. This includes basic factors like having adequate shelter – a suitable home; enough to eat – a balanced, nutritional diet; access to good medical care – preventative and curative; exercise – a healthy mind and body; and interests – one’s work and career, hobbies, sports, and leisure activities. One’s home is one’s sanctuary, be it modest or palatial. It is the place where you can let your hair down, do as you please, and escape the hustle and bustle as king of your castle.

Better knowledge about nutrition and access to healthy foods are ingredients of a healthy lifestyle and longevity. Mankind’s scientific knowledge and technologies in the medical field are constantly improving health and medical care to the benefit of the health, well-being and lifespan of patients and the population in general. The oft-used phrase “healthy mind in a healthy body” happens to be true. Keeping one’s mind and body active ensures that the spirit stays strong.


Retirement Age

One should never underestimate the power of the human spirit and mind. All these factors, and more, contribute to a larger senior population, the very sector in need of retirement homes. Once one has reached a certain age, retirement is just around the corner, unless if the incumbent is able and wishes to continue working beyond the “normal” retirement age. Retirement age varies from country to country and company to company. In South Africa, it usually varies between 55 and 65 years, although many who are of retirement age choose to continue working for longer, if the opportunity exists.

Others may continue working because they rely on their income. In certain sectors, such as commercial airlines, the retirement age is typically 60 years, because the lives of so many passengers depend on the fitness, health, and capabilities of pilots. However, because people are remaining active and able for so much longer, many an airline pilot still flies post-retirement, but for charter companies – a great illustration of mature capabilities and longevity. Our pilot and his peers all require retirement homes offered for sale or rent, at some stage, possibly sooner rather than later.


Featherwood Retirement Estate

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