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Nowadays, people stay healthy and active for longer than was the case a few generations ago. Older persons tend to become healthier and have a better quality of life. You may be as old as you feel, and South African seniors are feeling great these days. According to a 2015 Statistics SA report, about 8% of the South African population consisted of people aged 60 years or more. It is expected that his percentage will have nearly doubled by 2050.


State Coffers Cannot Cope

It is widely known that the South African state coffers do not have sufficient funds to provide housing for all its senior residents, even right now in 2018, a situation that is probably unlikely to improve enough by 2050 in order for the state to cope with twice the number of retirees expected by then. Nonetheless, it is certainly not all doom and gloom for persons of retirement age. Let us explain.


Not All Doom and Gloom

One should just take a little time to assess one’s resources – assets, liabilities, wants, and needs, as well as the available housing options, including the applicable terms and conditions that come with each. With a bit of research and planning, it is possible to make a sound decision about the senior housing in which to want to start the next exciting chapter of your life.


The Meaning of Home

While in many ways, the housing requirements for senior citizens are very similar to those of the majority younger, economically active persons, in other respects, it may be distinctly different. Whether buying or renting, everyone, irrespective of their age, wants a home that provides them with safe, secure shelter, a sanctuary to which they can retire and where they relax at the end of each day. Home is not only the dwelling in which you live; it is a place where you can be yourself and do as you wish, independently, without interference or sanction from anyone else. Your home is part of your identity, while you are the occupant.


Specifics for Seniors

However, as one heads towards senior status, other factors should be kept in mind, and these are things about which younger persons seldom think:

  • Do I want or need to be burdened with the responsibility of major property maintenance, or would living in a residential complex or retirement estate with minimal involvement in maintenance be preferable?
  • How important is maintaining my independence?
  • If or when the need arises in the future, will I have convenient access to assisted living, home care, and frail care facilities?
  • Would I like to make new friends and become a member of a community of like-minded peers?
  • As always, of great importance is location. Which facilities for senior housing are located accordingly?
  • Is the housing close to other amenities and facilities, such as shopping and entertainments venues, banks, doctors, and hospitals?
  • What degree or type of security is in place?
  • Do I want to rent or buy my next home?
  • What is on offer in the senior housing sector?


Seniors’ Housing Solutions

Whether you want to buy or rent an ideal retirement home, be sure to look at what Featherwood Retirement Estate offers seniors; you probably will not want or need to search elsewhere. Featherwood ticks the boxes and offers solutions to the questions posed above and many others besides. Featherwood features 84 assisted living apartments for rent and 86 apartments for sale. We are in Pretoria East, only three minutes’ drive from Woodlands Boulevard shopping centre and all its attractions, to which the estate offers a regular free shuttle service for residents’ convenience. We are also just five minutes from Woodhill Country Club and 20 minutes from Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

Security is top-notch, while our on-site healthcare facilities are comprehensive. Featherwood Retirement Estate is simply a superb seniors’ housing solution.

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