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Estate Living – what’s the big attraction?

South Africa and the world in general are experiencing a growing trend towards living in residential estates. Is this just a passing fad, or are there solid reasons for this development?
Perhaps the most obvious factor influencing people in this direction is security. Unfortunately, these days the streets are not as safe as they used to be. Rising crime rates therefore, make the security measures you’ll find protecting a development like Featherwood, very attractive.All too often today, people barricade themselves inside the fortress of their home. Extreme, but perhaps necessary, security measures isolate people from their neighbours. Move into a residential estate though, and suddenly the barriers can be dropped, within the safe cocoon provided by the estates boundary wall or fence.

Suddenly you’re getting to know your neighbours and meeting all sorts of interesting people. People are, after all, generally gregarious creatures. Plus, in an estate like Featherwood, there is a residents’ clubhouse – the perfect venue for you to mix with new friends and old.

Your good health is your ultimate wealth they say, and the older we get, the more apparent this becomes. Featherwood and other estates, not only offer access to a dedicated clinic three times a week, but should you require more lengthy treatment, there is ample accommodation in the on-site frail care facility.

Seems that estate living is definitely here to stay, and it’s all about easy living really. Secure, comfortable, friendly and a lot of fun. Sounds like a winning recipe.

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