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Bring your garden to life!

Birds, butterflies and other beautiful creatures are welcome guests to any garden, but not just because they’re beautiful to look at – they’re also very important for pollen distribution.

If you’re looking to attract birds which are partial to fruit, wild figs (Ficus species) are a big hit. As many as 50 species are known to feed off this succulent fruit.

Garden not suited to fruit trees? Then your next best bet will be to plant aloes or the Cape honeysuckle – they’re sure to bring in nectar-feeding birds, such as sunbirds, sugarbirds and the Cape white-eye.

As for butterflies, the beautiful dancing adults are nectar feeders and will be attracted by Buddleja species, gazanias, statice, lavender, lucerne, arctotis, marigolds, vygies, scabiosa, freylinia, nerines, poppies, sage and sedums.

Of course if you’re inviting the adults, you need to cater to the rest of the family too – and that means butterfly caterpillars. Some of the plants they like to feed on are: the milkweed family, wild peach, pistol bush, creeping foxglove and the daisy family.

Get planting, and get ready for an explosion of colour and life in your garden.

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