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Instead of feeling fearful about your upcoming retirement, you should regard it with anticipation and a sense of adventure and fun. It is simply a new phase in your life, one for which you are in a far better position to plan than for any of your other life chapters.

Firstly, assets and retirement income are always part and parcel of retirement planning, ideally planned for when you first started earning. These are factors that vary from one person or household to the next. If you are planning to downsize your home, as most retirees tend to do, you will usually free up more capital with which to plan and enjoy your retirement living.


Liberty and Luxury of Own Time

After all, you have spent years taking care of, maintaining, improving, and attending to a family, larger home, career, work, and other responsibilities. Now you intend making the most of your very own time, time during which you can allow yourself the liberty and luxury of doing what you please, as and when you wish. It is the fun factor of retirement.


Where to Live

Once your financial position is established, the second step in planning your retirement living will focus on where you are to live. Some may decide to stay where they are, undaunted by maintaining a large family home, after the children have left the nest. Others cannot wait to be free of the upkeep and housekeeping involved in living in a family home.

Most retirees – certainly those who are fit and healthy, as many are today – value their independence immeasurably. Many years ago, grans and granddads simply moved in with their children once they stopped working. This really meant saying goodbye to independence. Most retired people in the 21st century prefer to live in homes of their own – bought or rented. Retirement villages or estates fill this gap in the traditional housing market. Retirement estates with excellent security are an ideal solution for retirees can lock up and come and go as they please, independently and with peace of mind, knowing that their property is secure.

When planning for retirement and retirement living, keep in mind that you should not isolate yourself. Isolation leads to loneliness and a sense of abandonment, to be avoided at all costs. Being part of a community of peers is fun and something important for which one can plan in retirement by living in a retirement estate – the planned solution for our valued senior citizens.

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