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Does it feel as if life is too short? Today’s person of retirement age is younger than ever before. Nowadays, most South African retirees are healthy, active, and full of life, and they have the time, energy, and inclination to pursue a host of interests and hobbies, eagerly starting a new chapter in their lives after retirement. Moreover, people are living and remaining active, enjoying a superior quality of life long after they have stopped working. As a species, human beings now remain vibrant, healthy, and active way after the age at which people were once considered “old”.


No Fear

Retirement should not be something that you fear. See this stage of your life as a fresh, new opportunity to spend more time on yourself, your loved ones, your interests, hobbies; doing and exploring things that you enjoy, instead of only those that are expected of you. If you have a bucket list, why not tick off some (or all) of the items upon it, looking forward to your retirement?


Life is for the Living

Life is for the living – that is you too. Everything should not grind to a halt simply because of retirement. So, now that your retirement is almost upon you, have you any idea where you might decide to live, since you are still full of life, as well you should be? Since we have posed the question, we would like to provide the answer.


Featherwood’s Features and Attractions

Featherwood Retirement Estate is conveniently located in a desirable part of Pretoria – Pretoria East. The estate has been developed in phases; the final phase is to consist of 86 2- or 3-bedroom apartments plus 84 assisted-living residences. Other estate features include beautifully manicured gardens, tip-top security – 24/7 throughout the year, plus access to security personnel via speed dial, extensive healthcare systems, an on-site clinic, mini gym, clubhouse/coffee bar, library, and community hall, and lots, lots more, including an active social committee.

Additionally, you will have convenient access to the attractions that are close to Featherwood – a complimentary shuttle service to take you to and from nearby shopping centres, notably Woodlands Boulevard Mall with its restaurants, movie theatres, and myriad of shops. Then there’s Woodhill Golf Course too, complete with all its outdoor activities.

Your life after retirement presents endless opportunities to enjoy yourself and indulge in all you fancy. Featherwood Retirement Estate is a great new home and base from which to do so all this and much more.

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